Company Description


Established in 1982, ABSOPULSE Electronics with around 150 very motivated staff and with an engineering team of 30 PSU specialists, concentrates in the design and manufacture of high-reliability, heavy-duty switch-mode power conversion products in harsh environment for industrial, railway, military, marine, airborne, mining, utility as well as for telecommunications applications with output power ratings from a few watt to over 30 kW.

Extensive product range.    

Our product line includes custom, customised and standard AC/DC power supplies, rectifiers and battery chargers, DC/DC converters, sine-wave inverters, phase- and frequency converters, DC-input dimmable back-light inverters for LCD displays, DC-output UPS systems, laboratory power supplies and complete power systems in 19" and 23 racks.

Custom solutions to any design challenge.

We can meet any electrical configuration requirements, with output power ranging from a few watts to more than 30 kW- Working from several thousand field-proven designs, our engineering team is capable to develop a solution for your most demanding design challenges while keeping design costs low and lead times short.

Flexible mechanical designs.

Whatever your space constraints, we will ensure that our power supplies meet your mechanical requirements, exactly. Our standard designs are chassis or DIN rail-mountable units in sealed or in convection cooled enclosed packages. A number of ABSOPULSE's power supplies are available in Eurocard plug-in format for modular power systems and can be delivered in pre-wired 19" or 23" shelves. Similarly, power distribution systems can be configured to your projects specifications and needs.

Rugged designs for very harsh environments.

Designed to ensure reliable operation under extreme field conditions, our rugged lines of power supplies operate in ambient temperatures ranging from ”“40ºC to +85ºC. They are immune to shock, vibration, dust, moisture, humidity, salt, chemicals, oil and fog. Most designs are conduction/convection cooled.ABSOPULSE's rugged power supplies are typically designed for heavy industry, to meet UL508, EN60950 and equivalent safety standards, EN50155, IEC60571, RIA12 and other railway standards, EN50121-3-2, EN50122 EMC/RFI, DO160 airborne applications as well as MIL-STD-461 and MIL-STD-810 military standards.Extensive accessories and a vast number of options available.Our field-proven designs offer high efficiency and full protection against surges and transients, contributing to low lifecycle costs. With most designs meeting EN55022 Class B requirements, they can be safely used in EMI sensitive environments. A wide range of options includes output fail alarms, redundancy, multiple inputs or outputs. Generous design headroom (component derating) and the use of high quality components contribute to high MTBF ratings. All ABSOPULSE power supplies are designed for a minimum operating life of 20 to 30 years achieving low life cycle cost for the end-user.


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